24-05-2022: Portuguese Stakeholder Event


24th May 2022


This will be an online event through Microsoft TEAMS platform. The language spoken at the event will be English.

About this event

Bionanopolys is an European project that aims to create an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB), an integrated platform accessible through a legal entity of a single entry point (SEP), offering transversal technologies, scientific knowledge and complementary management services, and dedicated to the transformation of biomass into sustainable nanomaterials of industrial interest, to accelerate their introduction and adoption by the market and boost nanotechnology based on raw materials of biological and sustainable origin in Europe.

Bionanopolys will upgrade 14 pilot plants focused on the preparation of nanomaterials from biomass, their incorporation into composites, and the development of innovative bio-nano-capable products for a wide range of applications, which will be transferred to the industrial scale in 8 partner companies from different sectors in order to demonstrate the market viability of the results obtained.

This event will focus on presenting the OITB and the different pilot-scale technologies available, as well as their contributions to the project, with main focus on the Portuguese stakeholders and industrial success cases related to the exploitation of these pilot plants.

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10h00 – Opening Session, CeNTI

10h05 – BIONANOPOLYS Project: A Network of 14 Pilot Plants and complementary services to strengthen the circularity of nano-enabled bio-based materials, CeNTI

10h35 – Pilot Plants for the isolation of raw materials and production of block copolymers, Biotrend

10h55 – Pilot Plants for the production of functional bio-based nanocapsules, functional composites and coated substrates, CeNTI

11h15 – BIONANOPOLYS rigid packaging applications, Logoplaste Innovation Lab

11h35 – BIONANOPOLYS flexible packaging applications, Danipack

11h55 – Previous success cases for the Pilot Plants, Invited Speakers

12h15 – Q&A

12h25 – Final considerations

12h30 – Closing session