Workshop BIONANOPOLYS project

Date: 29/03/2022, 10:00 – 12:15

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A network of pilot plants to bring bionanomaterials closer to industry in circular economy Europe: BIONANOPOLYS Project.

The biotechnology sector is a key player in the challenges related to the circular economy posed by the European Union in the Green Deal (climate protection, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and saving fossil resources), since through the transformation of bio-based nanomaterials new materials can be created to develop products with improved mechanical, thermal and rheological properties, as well as optical, barrier and active properties.

These new bionanomaterials will directly benefit sectors such as packaging, cosmetics, medicine, foams, coatings, 3D printing, textiles, nonwovens, and cellulose paper.

The European BIONANOPOLYS project offers a network of 14 pilot plants and complementary services – forming an OITB (Open Innovation Test Bed) – to accelerate the market introduction of these bio-based materials with high added-value nanoparticles through a Single-Entry Point (SEP).

To analyse how companies can benefit from the development of these materials and the implementation of the other services of the project, ITENE, coordinator of BIONANOPOLYS, is organising this workshop on 29 March.


  • To explain the technological challenges that need to be addressed to make the introduction of bio-based nanomaterials on the market.
  • To show the developments and services to be implemented by the OITB of the BIONANOPOLYS project through the implementation of experiments with new materials, modelling and simulation services and other consultancy services such as innovation management, compliance with regulations and standards, and technology transfer.
  • To present scenarios and business opportunities in the use of bio-based nanomaterials for various sectors (packaging, cosmetics, medicine, foam, coatings, 3D printing, textiles and nonwovens, and cellulose paper).
  • To gather the views of stakeholders (companies, universities, research centres and other actors) on the use and applications of bionanomaterials.
  • To present the possibilities for companies to cooperate with OITB to test the pilot plants and services offered, with funding from the BIONANOPOLYS project.


  • Companies producing, supplying, or using biomass, bionanocomposites or bionanomaterials.
  • Companies dedicated to the packaging, consumer goods, automotive, textile, medical, foaming, coating, 3D printing and cellulose paper sectors.
  • Experts from universities and specialised research centres who want to develop bio-based materials, or who want to validate the materials they have developed internally.


10:00-10:05 (5 min.) Welcome– Javier Zabaleta, director gerente de ITENE
10:.05-10:15 (10 min.) Bio-based materials with high added-value nanoparticles: An opportunity for market access – María Jordá – ITENE
10:15-10:25 (10 min.) Test Bed BIONANOPOLYS: A network of 14 pilot plants to support companies – Raquel Moreno – AXIA Innovation
10:25-10:35 (10 min.) BioNanoPolys: Pilot Plants for the valorisation of Biomass and the production of bio-additives. – Pilar Albadalejo – ITENE
10:35-10:45 (10 min.) BioNanoPolys: Pilot Plants for functionalisation of bioadditives and bionanocomposites – Natalia Ortuño – ITENE
+ 3 min SURVEY
10:48-10:58 (10 min) BioNanoPolys packaging applications – Jose Alonso – ITENE
10:58- 11:08 (10min) Textile applications in BionaNanopolys – Elena Torres – AITEX
+ 3 min SURVEY
11:11-11:21 (10 min.) Automotive applications at BioNanoPolys – Manuel González – CIDAUT.
11:21 – 11:31 (10 min) BioNanoPolys foaming applications – Alberto López – CELLMAT.
11:31- 11:41 (10 min) Transversal technical services offered at BioNanoPolys:

§  Food safety – Pablo Albert -ITENE

§  Nanosafety – Arantxa Ballesteros – ITENE

§  Compostability – Jordi Palau – ITENE

+ 3 min SURVEY
11:44- 11:54 (10 min) Implementation of in-line measures in extrusion-compounding processes– Alexandra Poch – IRIS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
11:54-12:10 (15 min.) Questions and closure


Moderator: María Jordá/Natalia Ortuño – ITENE

  • Date: 29 March 2022
  • Price: Free
  • Duration: 10h00-12h10 a.m.
  • More information and registration: jornadas@itene.com / 961 82 00 00

Organised by ITENE