Starting from biomass

Pilot plant for nanoadditives and raw materials


Network 1 will oversee the selection and logistics of biomass, its extraction of raw materials and production of different nanoadditives by the treatment and/or reaction of these raw materials.

  • Pilot plant 1: Extraction of raw materials, solvents, monomers and oligomers from biomass
  • Pilot plant 2: Obtaining cellulose nanofibers and nanocrystals, nanolignins
  • Pilot plant 3: Block copolymers production
  • Pilot plant 4: Metallic nanoparticles obtained by enzymes
  • Pilot plant 5: Functional nanocapsules production


Starting from nanomaterials

Pilot plant of bionanocomposites


Network 2 is the group for the production of bionanocomposites and the pre-treatment needed to process the bionanomaterials that will be introduced in these bionanocomposites.

  • Pilot plant 6: Modification and functionalization of nanomaterials in liquid and gaseous medium
  • Pilot plant 7: Nanocomposites compounding thermoplastics
  • Pilot plant 8: Biobased nanodispersion
  • Technical support: Mathematical modelling, in-line modelling


Starting from bionanocomposite

Pilot plant for bionanoproducts


Network 3 includes pilot plants to obtain bionanoproducts from the different bionanocomposites of network 2.

  • Pilot plant 9: Rigid and flexible packaging
  • Pilot plant 10: Cellulosic products
  • Pilot plant 11: Textiles and non-woven fabrics
  • Pilot plant 12: Injection and 3D printing
  • Pilot plant 13: Foam applications
  • Pilot plant 14: Coatings applications
  • Bionanomaterials safety assessment

Technical & Innovation

Management Services


  • Technical support: mathematical modelling, in-line monitoring
  • Bionanomaterials safety assessment
  • Business services
Networks and Pilotplants of Bionanopolys