The Bionanopolys SEP

An Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) or Open Innovation Ecosystem is a group of entities providing common access to physical facilities, capabilities and a wide range of services through a common point, the Single Entry PointSEP.

The aim is to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises and other stakeholders to bring new innovative materials, products, processes and services closer to the market, “TRL 7” (Technology Readiness Level). Bionanopolys OITB, a H2020 EU funded project, focuses on developing safe multifunctional nano-enabled bio-based materials and polymer biocomposites for advanced applications, upscaling them within the reach of companies and users, strengthening the circularity of nano-enabled bio-based materials in the economy.

  • Bionanopolys OITB will improve pilot lines and processes, with the purpose to increase the acceptance of new technology by the market, ensure flow of seasonal of feedstocks, reduce costs and enhance market positioning, reducing regulatory constraints, and ease safety, economic and technical barriers.
  • The transformation of biobased materials to the nanoscale will offer new functional properties for high-volume applications such as packaging, cosmetic, medical, foam, nonwoven, coating, 3D printing, textiles and cellulose-paper.


The SEP is the unique access contact point to the Ecosystem, offering a holistic solution and wide range of services easy to find, accessible and transparent.

Through the SEP, Bionanopolys OITB will create an integrated open environment to offer end-users technical services with its 14 pilot lines, technological services, including monitoring, traceability and modelling, and business and innovation services supporting in legal, regulatory, safety, environmental, economic and financial matters, among others. Hence, reducing risks and barriers for commercial exploitation and accelerating market uptake and innovation process.

SME, industries and potential customers will benefit from Bionanopolys OITB at fair costs and conditions. Any Bionanopolys customer, European or global, will be able to access the OITB at any point of a specific development stage, trying to address their needs within the BIONANOPOLYS’ know-how. Furthermore, Bionanopolys OITB will build up the network between technology providers, service providers and the industry by driving collaborative open innovation.

Open Call and free services access

The SEP, yet to take a legal form, will be established by the OITB members in October 2022, within the frame of the implementation of the Bionanopolys H2020 project.

By the end of 2022 and for a limited period, we will offer all the services free of charge for new customers when accessing the Ecosystem through the Open Call. This is certainly a don´t miss opening occasion where potential clients will be able to explore and benefit from Bionanopolys services and boost their market opportunities. Stay tune to our Newsletter, website and social media for further information and upcoming news.

(Author: Raquel Moreno, AXIA Innovation)