Bionanopolys Deal

The six companies selected in the BioNanoPolys open call gain access to the OITB’s services

Author: Àngels Almenar, Bionanopolys SEP Coordinator, ITENE

It is a pleasure to share the latest news on the BioNanoPolys project, in which we have been working tirelessly to promote innovation in bio-based nanomaterials. A significant step has been taken this September with the start of the implementation of the six projects selected in the Open Call.

We are particularly pleased with the response we received to this call. Between 17 February and 15 May 2023, we received a total of 27 applications from across Europe and beyond, with participants from countries such as Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Kenya, Ghana, and Romania. The diversity and quality of the proposals submitted was truly gratifying.

The cooperation and commitment of all our partners were essential during the project selection process. After a rigorous evaluation process and following a transparent scoring scale based on the procedures previously developed in the previous phases of the project, we have selected six candidates and their respective projects.

The companies Futurechormes, Kalichem, Magnostics, Ecorbio, Encapsulae and Algaesys now have access to the test bed services after completing the second stage of the application, which included the collection of information related to market impact, social, environmental, and economic benefits, resources allocated by the applicant during implementation and timeframe for delivery. In addition, they successfully passed a presentation and an interview. These projects will receive free funding from the European Union through the project partners and will have the opportunity to work on the BioNanoPolys test bed. Their main objective is to develop bio-based materials or validate those already produced internally.

The six selected companies started to receive the technical and complementary services offered by the different project partners last September and will have a maximum duration of 8 months. Thus, during these next months, these companies will have the opportunity to test and perfect their innovative ideas related to bionanomaterials. They will have free access to the services of the 14 enhanced pilot lines, as well as complementary services designed to support technological and commercial breakthroughs.

This is an exciting step forward in our journey towards a more sustainable and innovation-focused future. We will continue to update you on the progress of these projects and other exciting developments in the world of bio-based materials.


Picture credits:  Tumisu on Pixabay