The Bionanopolys OITB operational structure includes the facilities, capabilities, and services that the service providers of the Bionanopolys ecosystem will bring to the market, and are categorised as follows:

Pilot Lines:

The 14 upgraded pilot lines for the conduction of experiments with new biobased nanomaterials and polymer biocomposites, will be coordinated by AITEX.

Transversal services:

Technological support to reduce technical risks and barriers. Focused on the process parametrization, will be coordinated and led by CEA.

Complementary services:

Innovation management systems, environmental, standardization, safety and business support, to facilitate commercial exploitation, will be coordinated by ITENE (safety), PARTICULA (sustainability and circularity) and EBN (route to market).

Network 1

Nanoadditives and Raw Materials (5 pilot plants)

Network 2

( 3 pilot plants)

Network 3

(6 pilot plants)

The technical group offers 14 upgraded pilot plants, divided into 3 main networks starting from the raw materials and nano additives (network 1), to develop nanomaterials (network 2) and then the development of the bio-based nanoproducts (network 3).